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Cult​ure M​inistries 84-3753679

The Rock of Lafayette

Permanent Solutions for Temporary Seasons

Culture Ministries provides the highest quality programs which include; but are not limited to; low income home energy assistance, low income rental assistance, emergency assistance programs, business consulting services, mental health education services, criminal justice reform; state of the art computer technology center, tutoring services, school supplies assistance, recreational spaces, mediation spaces, and many more resources to teach, support, and encourage our youth of tomorrow.

This year we are asking that you consider donating a generous monetary sum that will support a major cause, which is our youth of Lafayette. The campaign's goal is to raise $70,000 in addition to having local companies donate clothes, school supplies, whatever God puts in your heart to contribute to this community center. The funds from the campaign will be used to expand and redevelop 707 Martin Luther King Jr Drive into a youth community action center. With the direction the world is heading, many kids in lower economic areas will continue to suffer due to lack of access to technology, such as internet access, or a bleak home environment, which may include a lack of structure. Covid-19 has in some way impacted everyone by affecting some aspect of our daily lives. We will be there as a support system to lift some of those burdens. The Rock of Lafayette will employ licensed teachers, coaches, mental health professionals, as well as tutors to assist with what is needed in addition to and/or beyond the traditional brick and mortar schools. Our state-of-the-art computer technology center will ensure the individuals that we service will receive a quality education. This center will include meditation, meditation, technology, mental health, athletics, and artistic services. The Rock of Lafayette will also offer business consulting services to guarantee that everyone has a fair chance in this society. “Train up a child in the way they ought to go, so that when they get older he or she will not depart.” (Proverbs 22:6). Culture Ministries’ mission is the catapult for monumental change in lower income communities. “If we can train one to fish we can equip them for a Lifetime.”

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Changing Communities, Changing Lives

Culture Ministries The Rock of Lafayette is all about bringing out the best in young individuals from low-income communities in Lafayette, Louisiana. We strive to empower them and provide them with the resources they need in order to achieve their life goals.

Our work includes education services, mental health services, business and consulting, criminal justice reform, and job placement assistance In addition, our community center will offer a  food pantry, gym, meditation room, and state-of-the-art computer lab. 

Success Stories From Our Beneficiaries

“Culture Ministries offered my son the assistance needed to obtain his first job; believe it or not it was hard.I have not always been the best Mother but Culture Ministries looked past that and gave my son the tools needed to make him feel like he still mattered and that's all I wanted is a true chance for him! 

-Brenda Welsh

• Culture Ministries The Rock of Lafayette Client

“Culture Ministries helped me secure a job above minimum wage recently getting out of jail everybody told me my life was never gonna be anything because I had a felony but the staff believed I wanted change I make 12.00/an hour long way from that minimum wage they said I would always be stuck at and I am just getting started long as Culture Ministries around to keep giving me the tools I will Thank God for that!”


• Culture Ministries The Rock of Lafayette Client

“I wanted to start a business but nobody wanted to tell me where to start thankyou Culture Ministries

I have my LLC and Secretary of State because of your guidance and your always a phone call away!”

-Ashley McKinney

• Culture Ministries The Rock of Lafayette Client


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